Time has been passing weird these days. I look up to breathe in my surroundings and I’m suddenly hundreds of miles away from where I was. Norfolk Va, 02/11/22

Tonight I’m in Greenville, South Carolina 3/25/22

Last March I was in Columbus, Mississippi

Last week I was in Washington DC.

Last month I was in Norfolk, Virginia

Tonight I’m in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (3/27/22) I’ve been teleporting from nest to nest and am relatively off “The Grid”. So much so that I didn’t know this was a thing!

I was so excited that I almost payed a dollar for it

Tonight I’m in Columbus Mississippi(5/23/22)

Today I’m in Greensboro, NC dancing with friends.(06/10/22

I move to Spain in a couple weeks. – I hope.

I didnt.

Monday I head to DC

Ive stopped making plans these days. It seemed like The Universe kept shifting them. I’ve been taking the path of least resistance.

Today I’m in Norfolk… I didn’t go to DC. (06/27)

Last week I was in chesapeake, Virginia

before that I was in Raleigh, North Carolina for a weekend.

Upon reflection last week I realized that on average I’m in a place either one month or 3

I don’t believe in time. Anyone that knows me will tell you I think “It’s just a religion”

I think it’s brilliant that we use music as mile markers for miles stones and rock bottoms.

I’ve started a playlist to not only mile mark my adventures but to give you a window into the music I’m consuming these days.

Subscribe, if you’d like. Im also going to keep updating this page as I continue teleporting. see you soon.

December 21 Norfolk VA I’ve been spending time here in my hometown… My first home town. I committed to stockpiling funds here during the holiday season, to save up for my next adventure. That adventure is not only starting my business but also Spain. I’ve been aiming for Spain for a long time now.

I got on a train last night to head back to Columbus, Mississippi. Ms Darlene bought me breakfast this morning and gave me bud. In exchange I gave her some chamomile to help her quit smoking and my Fire Tea— Hogar Del Sur

My Friend Jeb and I just hit a deer, as he was driving me into town from the train station in Tuscaloosa Alabama, 1/23/23


The deer walked away into the woods seemingly fine.

This past week I had a lot of silence and alone time. I had a mental break down. I also allowed myself to fall in love for the first time in ages. I was blindsided. He just dropped me off at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama train station to head back to Norfolk, Virginia. I’ve been thinking about him a lot the past couple days. Contemplating altering my plans. 2/4/23

I didn’t.

I arrived in Alicante Spain a week ago. 2/22/23

I’m still processing… the love and the new environment.

The beach is a minute walk away. The community Is a magical as I imagined it yet more.

I listened to the Mediterranean while on San Pedro. Ive been gardening. I danced blues and swing at the local bar, I’ve been cooking/eating the freshest meals of my life.

I’ve been breathing in the sun and beach from the rooftop.

This was the biggest seemingly impossible dream I’ve had for a while now. I suppose all that’s left is to heal the world.


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