Mission Statement

"I've decided to heal the word" 

I know it's ambitious, but my parents foolishly raised me to believe I can do anything that I put my mind to... or want badly enough.

I want to heal the world.
So I'm going to. How?

I'm building a nest.

A Greenhouse Teahouse focused on holistic wellness, including the planet.
Imagine having a bartender who is not only well versed in mixology but also psychology, counseling, herbalism and spirituality, to help you get down to the core heart of the matter.

Imagine if The Nest was also focused on community building and gardening while simultaneously committed to environmentalism and teaching any child or adult who desires to learn.

I've been traveling the country committed to being a servant and spreading unconditional love, in hopes of honouring the example that Christ set.

I've had some beautiful experiences. I've met some wonderful souls and some who… still had more healing to do. I did my best to love them all the same. I've enjoyed having the freedom and faith to travel where my heart leads me. I've had the privilege to help and support so many people, while breathing in the landscape of this beautiful land.
But, I want to do more. I want to see more. I want to heal the world.

Healing the world is a big ambition. I know.
I know that I'll have to start small, then work my way up.

"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can"
-Arthur Ashe

Im starting with a The TeeWagen, an RV greenhouse that will grow and sell fresh tea and herbal blends, while functioning as a mobile tea-bar.

I will do what I've been doing but much more efficiently:

Planting gardens across the country.
Counselling friends and strangers.
Massaging the injured.
Helping to solve any problem presented to me.
Making and sharing music and art.
Teaching people how to dance.
Intimate talks with friends and strangers over a drink.
Sewing seeds of agape and wisdom.

If you would like to support me you can donate to my Gofundme or share this dream of mine with your friends.

Peace and Love

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