Origin Story

“I strive to heal the world”

Origin Story:

I learned a lot during the dark days of the pandemic. It was/is a bitter sweet season of alone time with ourselves, a moment without the smog of our typical everyday lives fogging up the lenses through which we see ourselves.

I had such intimate, alone time with myself; during that time.

I committed to being extremely honest with myself, as I looked in the mirror each day- both literally and metaphorically.

I started digging deep and asking myself “why am I the way I am?” and “why do I things the way I do.”

I started digging deep down to the core of my emotions when they surfaced, striving to balance them with logic.

I began to open-mindedly question everything I believed and to search for answers to any question raised.

This all led to me beginning to heal…
Heal from the traumas and demons that crawled out of the dark… or into it. Directions are hard in the fog.

At some point, while cleansing and stitching up my newly discovered wounds, I committed to healing “The World”

I didn’t know what I meant in that moment.
“The world” has so many definitions.
(well technically 3)

Heck, maybe I still don’t know what I meant in that moment.

But at least, these days, I’ve gained more clarity on Who I Am and what I aim for in life:

I strive to reap any knowledge I can obtain and sow any wisdom I possess.

I strive to truly exist!
I want to breathe in the different walks of life, first hand, and truly SEE the world through the different perspectives of other cultures cultures.

I strive to help those neighbors see that we aren’t that different.

I strive to help those brothers and sisters see that our home is on fire and our bickering is fanning the flames.

I strive to soothe our burns with all the knowledge and love I possess.

I strive to heal the world.

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