Perspective and Privilege

It’s interesting how perspective works. I’ve spent hours, days, even years reflecting in front of the Elizabeth River, back home in Virginia. That same river, that I cross over to and from home every day, is the very same river that my train crossed over to embark on this adventure. It’s amazing how the same body of water can feel different depending on where you encounter it. I wonder if that’s how religion work.

I saw more snow in an hour than I’ve seen the past two years
I have spent summers basking in sunsets and sunrises on our beach, not realizing what beauty I was taking for granted.
This morning, I kept waking up, eager to capture a sunrise; but ultimately when light arrived, the sky was as white as the snow below.
How privileged of me to assume that the spectacle of hues and ribbons, that adorned my home skies , were such a common thing.
How ignorant of me to define sunrise and sunset by that gift.
But eventually later that day as the train traveled on, the sun came out
The Mighty Mississippi. Frozen.


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