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Ive been big on exhibition and self-love these days. I’ve been striving to be as genuine and transparent as possible. I’ve been focusing on healing and mindfulness. I’ve been aiming to be more present while detaching from things that aren’t serving me. I simply want to be free and cozy in my skin, while helping others do the same.

If any of those things excite you, please reach out! I would love to help you along your journey.

Mindfulness Tip

How often do you play with your breath?

As you breathe in, how wide does your chest expand.

As you breathe out, how deep down into your torso do you feel it?

Can you go deeper

Can you breathe into one nostril?

How about the other one?

Which is easier? Did you know that they change periodically?

Similarly can you breathe into one lung?

How about the other?

The front of your chest?

Can you breathe into your back?

Wild right?

It’s amazing what awareness and intention can yield.


Reiki& Massage

I infuse Reiki into my massages and counseling to help you relax and release anything not serving you.

Dance Support

I specialize in connection and musicality and love helping friends find freedom within their bodies.

Commissioned Paintings

After asking a few questions I will paint you your own personal sunset.

Life Coaching

Often problems are easier from the outside looking in. I’m passionate about finding solutions and helping people grow.

“Tell me what’s not working so I can make it work for you. “

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