Meet Angela!

Angela Moreland

Flow Specialist

Greetings! My name is Angela (I also go by Angie). As I enter into my 30s I find myself not passionate about any single thing, but fascinated by all things universe and the human life we are all living now.

Diving into connection with others, I’ve committed to kindness and becoming more present and loving to myself and by extension, all living things.
In a recent move from the East Coast to Southwest Colorado, my desire to balance mind, body, and spirit has intensified and become more clear.

When not working in digital marketing, I prioritize travel with the focus being in and around nature as that has been the most prominent aid and source of healing.
Second to being a nature enthusiast, I’m a flow artist. Using props such as hula hoops, fans and dragon staffs, I use movement to meditate and connect body with mind

Exploring different nutritional routes, I’m discovering holistic remedies and lifestyle patterns that have introduced my body to a more natural and consistent acceptance of oneself.

I have fun being fashionably wacky with an emphasis on comfy. I enjoy playing with stereotypical norms (i.e. a short and fun haircut) as I better understand society, expectations, and the human condition.

In all things I look to contribute to building healthy and positive confidence within myself; starting with uninhabited acceptance of myself and leading into healthier inclusion and acceptance of my fellow humans.

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