and the




“I simply want to be a window through which those who are unable to travel can see and experience the world.”


Tell me what you want to see or learn.

Places you want to see? Cultures you want to experience? Skills you want to learn? You name it! I’ll go experience it first hand.

“I strive to heal and liberate the world”

Mission statement

How to Support me?

Take flight with me!

Join The Kettle!

The most common term for a group of hawks is a “kettle”.

Origin: The sight of a group of hawks all swirling and spiraling, while soaring on the bowl-like shaped thermal currents, is reminiscent of objects boiling in a kettle.

As a hawk lover and teaologist “The Kettle” seems like a fitting name for my Patrons, Supporter, Allies and Followers.

Kettle Perks?

Art :

I paint a lot and can’t take all my art along with me.

I’ve decided to gift them to my supports and new friends I meet along my travels.


Snapshots of the beauty of my travels

Personalized words of wisdom and international recipes I discover.


As I find cool things along my adventures, I’ll send you keepsakes so you can have tangible pieces of the places I’ve been.


Handcrafted Tea blends grown from my international gardens

Education on international tea culture. Everyone does tea different.

Come learn with me.


Tell me what you want to learn and I’ll go gain first and knowledge on it.

I’ll either come back and teach you or post a video tutorial on it. Featuring local/native experts on the subject matter.

Reiki Healing:

I’m a Reiki practitioner eager to serve. Whether hands on or from a distance, whenever you need it, reach out and I’ll give you a session.

Art Raffles

I’ll periodically do drawings to gift away special pieces of art.

Supporting me automatically enters your name into the raffle.

Featured Content

Upcoming Art Raffle:

Thanks for listening!
Thanks for reading!

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