Travel Reflection

As the train plows through the snow, back to my hometown, I sit and reflect.

A year ago, I bought a train ticket for a cross country trip.
I had no clue what I was signing up for.
-I simply wanted to see my “backyard” before I left the country, for Spain.

I spent Valentine’s Day breathing in the Rocky Mountains, learning to love myself.

I watched hawks and seagulls dance, and soar in the wilderness of Reno.

I walked in Memphis and learned to be more present.

I sang my heart out to the masses with deep vulnerability.

I danced to live blues music in Mississippi with anyone who would take my hand.

I counseled and healed strangers and loved ones.

I stood up against goliaths with new found valor.

I spent Christmas on a train to Atlanta, in awe of the serendipity and synchronicity of life.

I spent New Years recharging in Raleigh… and recovering from covid.

I took a leap of faith into the wind and flew!

I have lived.

My soul is full,
My love is infinite,
My wings are resilient.

I take flight for Spain, April 21st.
I have no idea what adventures await,
but I’m excited to see where the wind takes me.

Peace and Love


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