The Music Pt 2

When I landed in Mississippi I didn’t really plan on doing much music. I had other goals in mind.

However… I soon found that wasn’t an option. I was flooded with musical opportunities as soon as I arrived.

I was honoured that so many people remembered me as a singer songwriter from my brief time there four years ago.

One of my closest friends and dearest soulmate, Clara Ortega has a ukulele that I’ve begun carrying around with me, recently.

I had no clue how to play it, but I’ve slowly begun learning while it accompanies me on my adventures.

Even at work, I have it strapped to my back, while delivering food to tables at Zachary’s( the town’s favorite watering hole and restaurant)

I’ve spent many nights on their back deck not only jamming with friends, but also strangers. A couple times my buddy Justin Klieber has joined in. He’s a brilliant percussionist.

Him, our friend Jon Wright, and I have been having weekly jam sessions/ practices to prepare for performing at Munson’s Trading Post. ( If you have a beard check out their website, right now)

I’ve grown a lot with them. They are a bass and percussion duo called The Pocket Protectors.

Music lesson: The pocket

Simply put- The pocket is the tempo and groove of the song.

Here’s a deeper explanation:

With The Pocket Protectors holding down “the pocket” for me, I was granted much more freedom to explore musically, knowing that I had a consistent safe space to land.

My last night in Columbus The Pocket Protectors and I put on an intimate show at Munson’s. Dylan Scott shot some great shots of us.

Upon saying “see you later” to my dear friend Clara she let me hold on to Samsun Rose( The ukulele)

I’ve been sculpting a symphony on it, dedicated to all my past, present and future soulmates. It’s an exploration of love and the seasons of connection and detachment that we experience through it.

Keeping with the aspiration of striving to be more transparent and genuine these days, I’ve been sharing fragments of the symphony as they come into existence.

Have a listen, if you’d like.

Peace out for now Columbus, Ms

Thank you for consistently helping me grow and heal every time I migrate through.

Peace and Love


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