What brings you here?

I’m traveling the world to first hand experience different walks of life and to intimately learn the beliefs of other cultures, while unbiasedly taking in the world, from different perspectives.


To spread sincere love to every soul I encounter.

To intimately experience the beliefs of other cultures first hand.

To reap any knowledge I can obtain and sow any wisdom I possess.

To plant, and leave behind, gardens everywhere I visit.

To learn foreign instruments, languages, and healing practices from around the world.

To be a window into international culture, specifically: Art, Music, Spirituality, and Wellness.

If you’d like to come along, you are more than welcome to join me!

I’ll be…

Reflecting on my journey in this blog and visually documenting my travels on instagram.

Releasing podcast conversations and jam sessions with people from my travels on soundcloud and Spotify.

Giving real-time updates on snapchat.

My handle is Leaveit2joshua on all social media =)

See you soon,


Reflections, Epiphanies, Serendipities and Milestones

Update: 3/22Changes

Im changing the way I use this space… Im going to use it in place of my notes app. You’ll see not only my song writing process, but will be able to see me process my emotions and thoughts as I sculpt these blog updates.


There have been days where I’ve felt so neutral yet clear minded. Despite setting and achieving goals, I was so indifferent. I kept checking in to see if it was depression… it wasn’t, I’ve been depressed before… this wasn’t it. Not sad, not worried, not lacking anything just…here. Here knowing that none of these trivial…


Abba: The Aramaic term abba (אבא, Hebrew: אב (ab), “father”) appears in traditional Jewish liturgy and Jewish prayers to God, e.g. in the Kaddish (קדיש, Qaddish Aramaic, Hebrew: קדש (Qādash), “holy”). I’ve been calling God “Abba” these days. If I’m speaking to the general public or don’t know their religious/spiritual background, then I say ” The…


Time has been passing weird these days. I look up to breathe in my surroundings and I’m suddenly hundreds of miles away from where I was. Norfolk Va, 02/11/22 Tonight I’m in Greenville, South Carolina 3/25/22 Last March I was in Columbus, Mississippi Last week I was in Washington DC. Last month I was in…

Travel Reflection

As the train plows through the snow, back to my hometown, I sit and reflect. A year ago, I bought a train ticket for a cross country trip.I had no clue what I was signing up for.-I simply wanted to see my “backyard” before I left the country, for Spain. I spent Valentine’s Day breathing…

Art Reflections & Updates

One day I had the crazy idea of living off my passions. It felt impossible and terrifying, so I doubled down on the idea and went for it. 3 fears arose: Imposters syndrome I’m not good enough. What if they find out I’m not a real artist.? What if no one actually wants to buy…


Most of us humans aren’t very good at being vulnerable. Which makes sense when we consider the fact that we started farming and building establishments so that we wouldn’t have been to be vulnerable to the forces of nature anymore. On the other hand, a big part of being a musician -or simply an artist-…

The Music Pt 2

When I landed in Mississippi I didn’t really plan on doing much music. I had other goals in mind. However… I soon found that wasn’t an option. I was flooded with musical opportunities as soon as I arrived. I was honoured that so many people remembered me as a singer songwriter from my brief time…

Our Backyard

When I committed to traveling the world, I decided that I should see my backyard before leaving the country. I set up a cross country train trip, aiming to go from Norfolk, Va to San Francisco, California. A blizzard rerouted my trip and I didn’t make it to California. However, it resulted in me having…


Upon embarking on this trip, even though I brought Amos(my guitar) with me, I didn’t really plan on focusing on music much. There were other goals and passions that I was working on. At the Union Station, in Chicago, while waiting for my train to take me down to New Orleans, I heard a young…


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